Well I quit my job three months ago

I bit the bullet and quit my job two months ago. I also moved to another state.

It’s important to change your surroundings once in a while, so you don’t fall into a routine where you get too comfortable. That was my story, I was too comfortable for 20 years, working for a corporation. That routine almost ran me into the ground, I was too stressed.

After considering all my options, I now have a freedom of doing what I want to do. This change of my lifestyle and moving to another state helped me to get out of that routine.

New world looks different, I don’t get up in the morning and rush to the office, office is down the stairs. And the best part is I can take a break when I want to. Which was a problem at my job.

I have to take care of some things, but I am moving forward with my original plan, to make money using stocks and options trading. Real estate is still an option, although I haven’t found anything to buy yet.

For now I am enjoying the new lifestyle.

Have a great night!

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