Long Term Plan

Financial security
Comfortable life
Being rich

Multiple kinds of investments.

  1. Condos, houses for rent or flips
    • Buy rundown property, fix it up, put a tenant in it and then sell it to investors
    • Buy rundown property fix it up and sell it for profit
    • Buy and hold property
  2. Stocks and options
  3. Buy land to sell it in the future to retailers
  4. Buy a business, or build one
That’s the plan for when I have too much money to spend.
Plan to actually get to that.
  1. Use stocks and options to gain independence from my job
  2. Use excess money to buy properties for buy and hold for cashflow
  3. Start small business
  4. Buy another profitable businesses for cashflow
  5. Invest into stocks
Other possible investments
adult book business cactus
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

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