Stocks review, bulls are back, bear is still here though.

We’ve seen some strong earnings and bulls regained some control in the market. Apple (AAPL) will post their earnings November 1st, and this might actually move the market. So far, price of Apple, jumped within few days after earnings

Google (GOOGL) will post earnings today, I have a little concern about that, so I am not looking for a trade there.

Facebook (FB) will most likely go down after earnings, it’s been on a down trend, and it broke support several times since last earnings report. Current uptrend could be a bull-trap, so be careful.

Nvidia (NVDA) is on a downfall and will likely fall through earnings report as well, next month.

Adobe (ADBE) is at support, and can go either way, if it breaks support at 240 then it will go down further. However, ADBE in on an uptrend and will regain it’s momentum back up soon. Not trading it.

Netflix (NFLX) is a no trade in my opinion, volatility, and indecision makes it hard to trade, stock trend changed.

Boeing (BA) is neutral, so possibly a good position trade. Not buying the stock though.

AMD (AMD) might be a great opportunity to buy, but wait for the confirmation, at least 3 days to see where it moves.

Amazon (AMZN) looks way down, so no trade for me, although the earnings will tell where it will probably go later.

Caterpillar (CAT) is on a downtrend, might be ok to buy and hold, but I don’t think it found support yet.

Costco (COST) could be on uptrend after dropping after earnings, and then regaining some momentum. Might a good trade.

Dropbox (DBX is going the way Snapchat (SNAP) went it seems. No trade there, perhaps a bearish trade. I think it’s best to invest my money elsewhere.

EBAY (EBAY) is bearish.

Lowes (LOW) and Home depot (HD) are on a downtrend and will probably stay there. Stocks are at the bottom, so might be ok to buy and hold now in anticipation of a next uptrend.

Microsoft (MSFT) will most likely go up, I will probably trade it in few days, perhaps monday.

Micron (MU) I am not touching it now, it’s down and will probably take some time to regain momentum up.  Until then, it’s on a downtrend.

NOC, LMT, RTN are down, and not a trade for me, although they could be ok in the long term.

What I am not touching; the marijuana stocks. No way I am getting in right now, I feel sorry for all people who bought TLRY at 300. The stock is at 110 now and will most likely go down, even after earnings. Even if it has good earnings report, I am expecting a selloff right after the report next month.

ETFs and Indexes; Too early to tell, will wait few more days, although the buy back seems really nice.

Gold is going down, again. It looks like selloff, so will wait few more days to make sure. Not trading it for now.

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