Current Market Wrap-Up

After disappointing earnings report from Apple (AAPL) and that it’s Friday, we see a slow down in the market and expected selloff before the weekend. Although job report is very good and exceeded expectations, the market is reacting different.

There is still uncertainty in the market and it will take time to continue the bullish trend. We saw a small rally for a day, but it was a short rally because of bad earnings reports.

Even though the market can turn to bearish trend again, it will be for a short period, people want to pick stocks at the bottom and are waiting for a reason to do it.

As a word of advise I don’t trade stocks before and during earnings, here are the two examples why.


It will take few weeks for the stocks above to find their spot, or bottom to be tradeable.

I am expecting a small rally middle of next week again. Monday will be a day for either bulls or bears, but in the end everyone wants the market to go back to bullish trend again.


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