Favorite Stocks That I Don’t Trade

Here is the list of stocks that I would love to trade, but there is no way I am going to at this moment.

FB – I believe the bottom is at 110. At first I did not think it will go down below 160, and now it’s at 140, the momentum is still down and it will probably stop at 110.

NFLX – It will probably stop at level 260, or it may be the next SNAP or GE and go down to 200 then 100 then 10 bucks a share.

NVDA – Safe level I think, is at 160, but there is definitely a good support at 100, so beware.

AAPL – Waiting for it to break 190 on the way down, and then stop at 160.

AMZN – Is a huge retailer and is still a very popular one, so I am expecting a bullish run later this month or December. Stop is at 1400.

GOOGL – Support is at 1000, bug round psychological number. If it drops below, then it can probably go down to 750, but who knows.

ADBE – Is one of my favorite stocks, and it was doing very well until July and later. Not trading it now, as I am thinking it will go down more, to 220 probably.

MSFT – Might be a in a consolidation trend, and then go either way, so if it’s above 110 then it’s bullish and if it’s below 105 then it’s bearish.

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