Friday Sell Day

Last week was a very good week!

We saw nice retracement on friday due to profit taking selloff, even though this week might be bearish, we are still in bull market ad the stocks, and etfs will go up. So, be ready for buying opportunity. Keep in mind, ETFs always recover, stocks however, can go to zero, even big ones like Amazon, or GE (it is actually going down and there is no bottom in sight). I like buying the dip, sometimes I over analyze and miss the window, or go too early, but in the end I am making progress.

Here is the list of ETFs and Indexes to get on a dip, today or next week.

NDX, SPX, RUT, SPY, DIA, QQQ, IWM these indexes and etfs go down a lot and their recovery is almost lightning fast, so getting it at the bottom is a very good strategy, don’t over analyze because they do move fast.

Short these ETFs

GLD, SLV I like these ETFs, but they are going down, so it’s a good bearish trade. OIH is another good one, but I think we missed the train on this one. EEM is another one to short.

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