Natural Gas (UNG) and Oil (USO)

Natural Gas and Oil performance in November shows the seasonal volatility for both ETFs. UNG jumped to 29 and then to 33 points and USO rolled down from 16.24 to 11.73

Here is the picture how both of these ETFs compare.


After doing some research I see that USO had pretty big drops in November and December over the years.

What I find interesting is that UNG dropped from 931.84 (10 years ago) to 33 points today. It was during a recession, it slowed down but is still in a down trend, if recession hits next year, we might see even lower price.

Oil on the other hand was at 48.18 10 years ago, and then fell to about 22.5 points within few months. Then however, it jumped up and down for 5.5 years, until it finally went down to about 16 in 2014 and continued its fall to 7.67 points until January 2016. Oil (USO) was on an uptrend ever since, but I believe the run for the oil is over and it will go down more, perhaps down to its previous low at 7.67.


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