Stocks To Trade

I am analyzing the stocks for tomorrows trade. It appears the bulls are gaining control and the stocks that I like are at a strong support levels.

Apple (AAPL)

Stock is at a support level 170, it is a major level, so any stop losses under that level will have a high probability of success. I will see if I can get a 160 or a 150 level with December 21 expiration.

aapl stock

Adobe (ADBE)

Looks like it’s on an uptrend or setting up for an uptrend, I’d love to get the 200 level if I can.

aapl stock

Amazon (AMZN)

It’s still on a down trend, but it’s trying to get back up there. If I can get a level 1300 it would be perfect.


Boeing (BA)

If Boeing gets above level 120 then it’s a good buy, They’ve been going up for years, I don’t think it will fall further. I’ll take few days to monitor it and then make decision.


As always, small positions, small risk, calculated risk, a lot of cushion to allow for the movement of the stock before expiration.


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