Busy Week

I am a little bit tired of these bearish conditions on the market right now. Just like everybody else by now, I am thinking if bear market has finally kicked in, but it seems we still have few more months or perhaps years to go.

This is a correction. Yes, market fell a lot, yes the situation in the world is heating up with the tariffs and political games. Yes, there are things happening in europe and middle east. It’s all causing fear of the bear market and people sell their stocks causing prices to go down. A lot!

Corrections usually run for up to 5 months or so. Once the panic settles, fear is gone, and prices hit the bottom, the institutions move in and start buying.

And the market will of course see a rally, we’ve seen couple of these rallies already followed by a selloff. I don’t want to start any conspiracy, but I think it’s all done with an intent, by the same institutions that want to drop market enough to buy at a low price.

So, in any case, I am bullish. Of course I don’t have a crystal ball and don’t know what’s going to happen with oil in middle east, or what China or Donald Trump decides to do with tariffs.

I feel though, as if I am waiting for the train to take off, but instead this train is rolling backwards a little bit by bit. And then it takes off, and covers ever foot that it lost.

As to what I trade. I trade ETFs and some stocks that I think will rise later. FB, GOOGL, AMZN, NVDA are not on the list yet. I am selling options in a long term trades, betting on the market rise within a month or two.

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