A while back I wrote about the TJX company split (TJX). Predictably it fell after the split and then performed a bounce. Now it seems to be in neutral. As much as I like the chart, I want to get a confirmation first, and this takes time.

ULTA is a stock that I will avoid at this time, it fell a lot and it will take few weeks for it to settle down and find support, but it’s on my watchlist as well.

Tesla (TSLA) As much as I like the company, the stock is still too volatile for me. Honestly I’d short it or buy a put against it, but it was very unpredictable in the past, and so I am staying away.

FB, NVDA and NFLX are both on the list of do nothing at this time. They are bearish.

Herbalife (HLF) looks good because it’s neutral with a good chance it will go up, not holding my breath for it though.

I prefer to stick to indexes and ETFs, because they can’t go to zero, and always rebound back. I am looking at DIA, IWM, QQQ, SPY.

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