Record Breaking 2018

The year 2018 is coming to an end, it managed to break several records within the past three months. This December is the worst December since the depression in 1929. Some indexes slid more than they did in 2008 crisis. We are not in the bear market yet, by the way. It’s still a correction, although very close to the bear market in my opinion.

I actually started trading in 2018, sometime in June/July and I saw some good gains, and then September hit. And then October. I read the news they were saying how volatile October is, and that if you survived September and October then you are good to go rest of the year. Well, that’s not true.

I am still in the market, with very small positions, there is no way I am getting all in, so to speak. Prices might fall in January, and if it continues with the volatility trend then possibly into February and March.

Prices are kind of low, and I am considering breaking my rule of not buying stocks, and actually buy some and sell calls against them.

I will exercise patience, and see how the next few weeks play out to see where the prices might go and then make the move.

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