Case For Tesla

I think Tesla TSLA will go up within the next 2-3 years and will reach 450 points. After looking at their chart I see that TSLA stock jumped in 2013 through 2014, consolidated or went neutral for three years and then in 2017 rose to new height again.

My assumption is that it will consolidate for another year or two and then jump up again. They will never run out of investors who are ready to pour money into the company.

One of the reason why, is Elon Musk himself, he is the charismatic figure that holds Tesla together and if he leaves, the company will lose its charisma and may lose investors who will follow Musk to another venture.

Another manufacturers are working on their electric vehicles and soon there will be a lot more of them available to the public. Even though Tesla was first, they may lose to competition that basically has more resources and doesn’t require support from government to run.

As a consumer, I want best product at a best price for that reason I am keeping my current car.

TSLA chart

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