Time To Come Back

After extended break I’ve decided to come back to my journal and continue to write about my trades and the market.

I was hit by the December crash, and as many of you missed the sharp ascend in January. Since then I re-accessed my trading strategies and I hope learned my lesson.

Personally, I don’t want this type of crash to occur this year or ever. I had to change my plans quick when the crash occurred, and I am very thankful for entering stop-loss at the beginning of my trade. In my opinion it’s better to lose a little bit than see your losses grow.

Even though I am bullish in the market, I am keeping my eye on some of the indexes, they can turn pretty quickly. And of course the tragedy with Boeing aircraft caused their stock to drop and it caused the index to go down a little bit as well. These are the news you can’t prepare for. Stop losses help a lot though.

As for the market, it’s pretty green today and the beginning of the week. Major indexes are going through their resistance and will probably run for few more days or even weeks.

finviz march 13

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