Charles Nenner Predictions

I recently watched an interview with Charles Nenner and he made some interesting predictions.

Charles Nenner predicting that the ES futures will roll over when it reaches 3075. Markets will hit a new low, will go down to 1999 levels.

Stocks are making new highs, and it drives the greed and fear of missing out.

Everyone is thinking that the market will go down again in September or October, but Charles thinks it will be sooner than that, in July. I personally want to say that it might happen sooner, or later right when everyone least expects it.

Buy gold and commodities.

Bear market according to Charles will end in 2022.

According to Charles we are in the beginning of the market crash and as soon as ES futures reach 3075 it will roll over and go down.

I am personally moving stops up to reduce risk. Setup orders to buy inverted ETFs like VXX, SPXU, and SDS. Bought some utilities stocks AWK for example.

Gold seems to be stuck at the top, it might shoot up higher, I will enter a GDX trade if it goes above 27 per share.


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